Installation & bump out of the Masterchef garden between seasons is part of our service.

Installing Masterchef logo planter, just after we built it, filling, planting out and  irrigating was next.

Scenic effect painting of false bricks for the Masterchef Garden Set.

Assorted planter props, mini corrugated tank planters and rust surrounds we created as a part of our Greens Department and Set Dressing Sevices .

An all edible Australian Native area with complimentary prop features created for the Masterchef garden.

 Night view of a section of the garden during the filming season.

Inspired by the current world situation we created this QR code camo art piece for an upcoming exhibition.

We completed the cut in half magic illusion giving it a sparkly theatrical finish for Lego Masters.

Turning a plain brick wall in to a mid century retro inspired feature painting it, making and adding our own custom carved breezeblocks, relief mount diamonds and finishing - with succulent plants.

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