Vika and Linda Bull - Music Videos


Set design, prop supply and set dressing for Vika & Linda music videos. Filming 3 songs in a day required rapid set changeovers and standby services for the Christmas window display themes.

The Athlete's Foot Back To School TVC 2023


Props, Set Dressing and Standby for Two Tractors agency’s The Athlete's Foot ‘Fitittude’ campaign.

Restricting fugitive vision on this boat was a current Hunted season requirement.


1962 Cadillac supplied and wrangled for ’The Kings Birthday’ event completely themed by Encore.

It took some logistics and manoeuvring to locate it in the Palladium at Crown

As the art Department for the Crimestoppers ’They’ll never know’ campaign, we created sets, made and sourced props, wrangled vehicles for the filming and stills.

Props created for the ABC’s Spicks and Specks current season.

The Hunted series’ require many elements for the success that it is. Total blacking out of vehicle windows and creation of driver divider so fugitives were unable to see where they are going for release, was one requirement.

Scenic effect painting of false bricks for the Masterchef Garden Set.

Installing Masterchef logo planter, just after we built it, filling, planting out and  irrigating was next.

An all edible Australian Native area with complimentary prop features created for the Masterchef garden.

Turning a plain brick wall in to a mid century retro inspired feature painting it, making and adding our own custom carved breezeblocks, relief mount diamonds and finishing - with succulent plants.

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